Kluwak Seed

Kluwak is the seed of kepayang tree. The trees are commonly found in Malaysia and Indonesia. The seed’s shape looks like a medium-sized stone with hard shell. Its shell’s color is grey-brown and its meat’s color is white when collected fresh. The meat’s color is turned to black after fermentation process. Without adequate pretreatment, such as boiling and fermentation; kluwak seed is poisonous (Anonymous, 2008). Latin’s name of kluwak tree is Pangium edule REINW. Kluwak is a general term used in Java, while in Sunda, it is called picung / pucung. Torajanesse calls it panarassan and Minangkabaunesse calls it kapencueng / kapecong / simaung. Balinesse and Kalimantan’s people call it pakem (Anonymous, 2008).